Saturday, 5 April 2014


OK now Im back I will be recommending other blogs  and amateur underwear lovers.
Heres my first.
This blog has something for guys into underwear of exhibitionists alike.
Fortnightly challenges and postings from anyone who wants to show off (even me )
Have a look, take part and most importantly leave comments.

Guys Who Like To Show Off 

Go look!!!


Yeah Im still here and I know ....yeah its been a long long time since I posted anything on this blog.
Due to contacts from some underwear company who I will NOT be promoting  and helping sell their underwear I decided return here to delete any of their name but I need to thank them for making me realise that this blog is getting loads of hits still a day.
To that I will be posting again.
Right rant over and hope you enjoy whats to come.


Speedster 2014

Friday, 7 October 2011

Updated pics

Thanks for the feedback on the gear im selling..
As requested I have taken some pics of me in the gear and have updated the site with the ones already here.


Friday, 30 September 2011

Heres some more

Heres some more im selling and like the others they are all in excellent condition and sold clean.

Genuine sell.



Boxers Size M £5


Andrew Christian Butt shapers -Low rise briefs size M for £6


Ginch Gonch Boxers for £5


USA Flag boxers size M £5

Awesome feel lycra boxers size M for £7

Postage extra cost depending where your from worldwide.

Read previous list


........more to come soon

Do you want my gear??

Blue Boxerbriefs-Very nice close fitting..feel great £3


Red Boxerbriefs.Very stretchy and close fitting-Feel great on £4

Jockey sports boxers size medium £4


CK Jockstrap size Medium £5

The start of my clearout begins.

Theres going to be loads of bargains to come so keep an eye out.
All sold in excellent condition and clean.
I`m not going to ask a lot of dosh for them just enough for me to entertain myself so go on own a pair of my gear for a small amount of £ $ .

Postage will be a small amount extra depending where your from.

Those of you who have been following my blog should know im no bullshitter im genuine.

Hit me up at
Initial response to your email will be yes or sorry sold.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Mattman`s underwear blog
Heres an new amateur blog thats definitely worth keeping an eye on.
Mattman`s definitely into his gear and I know your gonna love what you see.
I`m lucky that ive seen lots of pics of him in his gear for quite a while.
Add his blog to your favourites and DO comment on his postings.

I know this wont be the first posting i will make on Mattman.
see what comes soon.

meanwhile visit mattman and get horny over him.
Mattman keep it coming mate.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Meet Steve

Another amateur guy into his underwear.
This is"steve".
He wants to remain anonymous so no contact details. I know your all gonna want to let him know what you think of his bulge.

(my Favourite)

Steve has forbidden me to pass on his contact details but has given me a BRIEF insite into his interests
What I can tell you is ...he says "i love to show off " and in his own words he also comments "I`m always looking to make vids of me sucking off hung guys".
I`m not sure how your gonna help him out if you cant contact him but hopefully he can help you out in some way by looking at his bulge in his pictures???
Got to say the picture of him in those strippy CK`s do it for me big time.
Cheers for showing us Steve.

Post your comments on him here guys.

Right whos next to be previewed here?