Wednesday, 27 January 2010

bargain gear

Hey guys
It`s been a while..sorry.

Although ive been away from this a while ive still been collecting gear LOL.
Not all of it has been expensive stuff.

Theres so much cheap gear about that arent always crap.
Last week I got some groovy boxers that only cost $3-£2/euro.

As some of you know im a nut for lycra feeling gear and this bargain stuff feels fantastic on.

This gear is great to catch the guys eyes at the gym changing room which again as you know I love showing off my underwear in public LOL.

Heres some of the gear I got...what do you think??


Mens swimwear said...

wild colors
would make a great g-string cover up

Mens swimwear

Anonymous said...

where did you get them and wat are they called cuz they are amazing